Unlimited Belief…..

Belief is an acceptance of something as true; to believe is to think or have an opinion on a subject, to trust, or have confidence in something. We have a tendency to believe in something just because we think it is unequivocally true, or false, but is it? Often what we believe cannot be proven, we cannot offer concrete evidence of our belief otherwise it would be a fact, right? So is it possible beliefs can be incorrect?

The reason we defend our beliefs so adamantly is because we often feel an emotional or spiritual sense of certainty the belief is true. Beliefs affect us on multiple levels; physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, so much so that wars are fought over opposing beliefs, globally as well as personally. People around the world since the dawn of time have given up their lives in defense of a belief. What we believe to be true, or false, is indeed very powerful.

We need to believe, beliefs are not necessarily bad things. Beliefs help our brains make sense of the information received and organize our thoughts, and in turn, make sense of the world we live in. They help us form our mindset and interpretation of the world around us. We tend to embrace our beliefs and act on them as if they are true, but what if they aren’t?  It is altogether possible we received bad information, and we are basing decisions and actions on the erroneous beliefs.

Beliefs about ourselves, or life in general that prevent us from trying new things, or stepping outside our comfort zones for fear of failure, are called ‘limiting beliefs’. Repeated thoughts or messages we hear from the outside world, whether family, friends, or others, become a part of our overall fabric. They niggle their way into our subconscious, take root, and before we know it, we have decided to embrace the message or thought. Limiting beliefs begin in childhood. Oliver Wendell Holmes said it this way, “We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe; the record may seem superficial, but it is indelible.” Many times they are a result of a negative bias.

A negative bias is a belief, often based on an experience leaving an impression of fear, in some form. They can be a result of a traumatic experience we have had, a tragedy we witnessed, or a cultural mindset, and they are far more powerful than a positive bias. Before we judge a negative bias as bad, they do serve a purpose in our lives. The fear brought about by a negative bias may be important to our survival, therefore providing a degree of protection. If, as children, we are told to look both ways before crossing a street or we may be hit by a car, all we have is a statement, but nothing to validate the statement is true. However, if we witness a small animal running across the street get hit by a car, the experience will set up a negative bias that crossing the street is indeed dangerous. The negative bias becomes a measure of protection for us. Taken a step further, if the experience was so traumatic we are afraid to cross the street ever again despite the knowledge we have crossed safely many times before, the fear becomes the limiting belief. The small animal being hit by the car validates the belief.

Some limiting thoughts may have been comments or statements voiced one time by one person, but the effect caused doubt, or fear, and stopped further growth in its tracks. When I was in the third grade I took piano lessons. Granted, I was like most every other kid; I would rather do anything else besides practice. All in all I wasn’t that bad, but one day my piano teacher told me I didn’t have any natural talent and therefore was wasting her time. Whether or not she said those exact words, that is the message I heard.  To this day I don’t play piano! Why did I let one statement from one person affect me so deeply? Perhaps if she would have said, “maybe we should set lessons aside for a year or so and come back and give it another go” the outcome would have been different? What about a child or teen who is told he/she is worthless? If the child or teen embraces that thought what will life look like going forward?

Growing up we may have heard, “the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer”, or “Enjoy being single. Once you marry the fun ends!” or “adults just work, pay bills, and never get ahead”. What is wrong with these statements? Are the negative statements built on facts? No, of course not, but nevertheless we may believe them to be true. These beliefs are known as collective beliefs; those we have grown up with, but are not specific to us. Collective beliefs, and personal beliefs we have accepted as specific to us, create our reality. We look for evidence to validate the beliefs, and ignore evidence proving the statements false.

Breaking free of limiting beliefs requires us to step outside our comfort zones, re-frame our thinking, and replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. No easy task, for sure. We have to look for evidence to prove our new beliefs, and remind ourselves of the evidence when the old thoughts try to creep back in. If our limiting thoughts have defined who we are as a person because of statements others have made, we need to spend some time figuring out who we are apart from those statements. When ‘I can’t’ comes out of our mouths we need to pause and ask ourselves if we truly cannot do something, go somewhere, or be someone, or is it simply a belief? Limiting thoughts are a product of the ego, the self-centered part of us who likes to be in control, maintain the status quo. The spirit self is the voice of the Divine; encouraging, loving, uplifting.

Yeshua (Jesus) while He walked the earth as a man, was our teacher and mentor opening the door to living by the spirit versus the ego. He chose to see the impossible as possible, create the reality He wanted for others, not allow others to define one’s reality. Yeshua demonstrated a fully awakened spirit, a goal we can reach when He said if we had faith the size of a mustard seed, the smallest of seeds, we could move mountains.  Did Yeshua literally mean mountains would move? I believe if there were a need, it could be done. Rather, the message I hear is the ability is within each of us, within the spirit self, the self in tune with the Divine. The mountains we move are the limiting beliefs we have preventing us to live fully. We choose to allow the spirit to come forth, or stand behind the ego.  

Yeshua declared the woman with the “issue of blood” healed through her own faith. She had allowed medical people around her to decide she was incurable instead of believing she could be well again. Yeshua empowered the woman to see the possibility of wellness apart from the limited beliefs of others she had embraced.

Each of us is a spark from the Divine, created in the image of God, and empowered with the ability of the Divine Spirit. Take a serious look at the ‘I can’t’ statements in your life. What is holding you back from moving the mountains in the way of being who you were created to be, or doing what you were created to do…..?


It’s What Jesus Taught…..

I just finished watching the movie Miracles from Heaven  based on a true story about a young girl in the process of dying because of an incurable illness. She went home from the hospital after many months of treatments, basically to live out her last days, had an accident falling from a tree, and was miraculously healed. The child claims to have gone to heaven and met Jesus who told her she was coming back to earth as there were things still left for her to do in life. Fact-checking the story it appears the movie took a few liberties, but for the most part, stayed true to the reported experience.

First, let me say I do believe in miraculous healings, in Jesus, and that heaven is not necessarily a place, as we have been taught, rather a higher level of understanding or consciousness, in other words, a transition from our earthly life to one of spirit united with God. Does everyone get healed? No, not everyone is meant to be healed in this life. Is it our fault we don’t receive healing? Certainly not. We are subject to the frailties of our bodies and the stresses of the world we live in; people become ill and sometimes they die, but I don’t believe death is a failure on our part in any way.

In the movie the family attended what appeared to be a fundamentalist church. At the end of a church service when the child was getting progressively more ill, two women approached the mother of the child and strongly suggested if the child wasn’t experiencing healing it was time to look at reasons such as sin, or lack of faith, or some other failure on their part. Her reaction was pretty close to the one I had while attending churches in the past during times of hardship. The same suggestions were made – and I am being polite using the word “suggestions”. She was offended and decided not to go back, throwing God out the window with the offensive and cleary wrong “suggestions”. Anyone besides me been there? Those suggestions have been offered to me more than once The first time I swallowed it, believing my level of Biblical understanding and faith not as mature as the ones offering the unsolicited suggestions. Age, wisdom, and life taught me ignorance is everywhere, sometimes disguised as cherubic, Bible-believing, never-had-a-day-of-hardship-in-their-life pew sitters. It truly is amazing how many there are in churches throughout Christendom, and many are leaders and teachers! Like the movie character, I walked out the door and dropped God at the threshold. I did give attending church another chance, as did the “mom” character, but the ignorance quickly reared its ugly head yet again. I left with God that time, but took a right turn on my way out the door and haven’t looked back since. People are imperfect, and certainly I don’t expect only perfect people to attend churches. We are all in the process of learning and growing in our earthly and spiritual lives. I don’t mind people offering me an opinion – if I ask. People who choose to offer unsolicited advice not knowing the circumstances, or condemn others in a backhanded way meant to sound like an offer of prayer, are another story altogether. Why kick someone when they are down? Is that what “Jesus would do?” Common sense is not a flower growing in everyone’s garden.

My take on Yeshua (Jesus) is that He came to demonstrate and teach what is possible. God taking the form of man was important to the process. Jesus, although Divine Incarnate, lived as a man and therefore was subject to man’s limitations. He was also fully Divine to demonstrate man’s ability to live from the spirit while living within the here and now. He was not bound by the ego, although if accounts of Him in the Garden of Gethsemane are at all accurate, His ego did war with spirit, at least in the telling of that story. Jesus embodied the work of positive energy; intention always set for the outcome He wanted to create, while ignoring the naysayers and negative-nellies in His midst. He embodied all that is possible. In my mind, the ‘possible’ is the takeaway.

Life teaches us valuable lessons through experiences and consequences; both good and bad. But what if a young child dies unexpectedly, a parent is tragically taken from a family, a natural disaster wipes out an entire town? Are these results of sin or failure on someone’s part? No, not as far as I am concerned. Life happens. In times like these I have heard parents being told a demon must have been let into their midst and God’s protection was taken from them to explain an  unexpected death. From the pulpit I have heard ‘count it all joy’ when we suffer. And, I have heard parents of a gay child who died from AIDS told their child wouldn’t go to heaven as God’s punishment for their sin. Talk about rubbing salt into a wound! If compassion is what these comments were meant to convey, please, refrain from sharing.

The Bible tells us God is love, and that all are welcome. It also says there is no condemnation for those who believe in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:1) Belief, it would seem, is a condition to escape condemnation. Within love there are no conditions put on behavior, belief, or lack thereof. Man has given God human characteristics, and we see that throughout the Bible: vengeance, judgment, discipline, and the like are not characteristics of pure love. At times, the God found within the scriptures almost seems fickle, short-tempered, or petulant. Karma eventually settles all scores. It’s not some weird new age philosophy, as many believe; Karma is the result of the consequences of our behavior.

Everything comes back to heart motivation. Man cannot judge the heart motivations of another, or the inner workings of any situation or circumstance. In the Biblical account of the woman caught in adultery, Jesus responded stating He didn’t condemn her either when her accusers walked away. Why would any other “sins” be condemned, and what would be the conditions for their condemnation? The account doesn’t mention anything about the woman’s ‘belief’ in Jesus, or a ‘confession of sin’ on her part.

Healing is real, I believe that, and have experienced it myself. The child in the movie could have just as easily died like her roommate at the hospital. What is the takeaway? Did mom turn back toward God, ask forgiveness, and in exchange God healed her daughter? No, I think it much simpler than that. “For with God, nothing is impossible.” (Luke 1:37 The Complete Jewish Bible) Partnership with the Divine, living from the spirit; it’s what Jesus taught. Possibility…..

Healing: More Than A Pill…..

I have spent the better part of my adult life working as a nurse in one capacity or another. The accepted medical model of our country is to treat illness, not prevent it. Researchers spend their lives determining what causes illness; identifying microorganisms, viruses, and other body invaders and looking for changes in the body resulting in diseases. We have been taught about prevention of illness through exercise and healthy eating, avoiding stress, and simplifying our lives, yet people are getting sicker and dying younger than in previous generations.  Technology has exploded in the last several decades in ways that should lead to the opposite.

From a purely Reiki-based viewpoint, our Chakras, or energy centers have a great deal to do with how we interpret and approach life. Imbalances in our Chakras, as with imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit, in general, contribute to our thoughts, words, and actions that form our life patterns. In Reiki sessions when I find Chakra imbalances, aural interruptions, and the like, clients often open up and share their deepest thoughts and fears. Beginning the rebalancing process gives the client fresh insight and information to work toward breaking free of long held patterns that have not served well.

Each of the 7 major Chakras is largely responsible for our interpretations and responses toward life situations, the Divine, and our view of self.  Imbalances in our energy centers will eventually affect the body leading to physical and/or emotional illness. It is my firm belief all illness originates with stress, whether due to continual worry or anxiety, abuses of the body in terms of poor health habits, or neural interruptions and blood flow blockages due to subluxations requiring chiropractic intervention.

We are not meant to live anxiety-ridden lives, filled with overwhelming responsibilities and relationships built on drama and superficial involvement. We were designed to live in relationship with the Divine, while at the same time plant our roots deep within the earth to ground us in the here and now.

Our medical model has created tunnel vision; we get sick so we treat with medicines, surgeries, and chemicals. We want a quick fix, to feel better right away, and in many cases we are only putting a bandage on the root cause of the illness. The awakening process is beginning, however. People are beginning to see the need to establish a real and evidential relationship with the Divine. New-to-us healing modalities are explored and used by many to improve their lives and relationships, and by doing so, illness is addressed from the cause, not the result. Even the hospital system I work for recently sent some of their critical care nurses to learn energy healing methods to help with pain control; an otherwise traditional medical setting opening their minds to viable interventions to address the needs of body mind and spirit.

Daily stress and fears originating in the mind eventually manifest in the body as illness. We are bombarded by advertisements for the latest medications to treat the top ailments of humanity. The newest technologies and treatments meant to comfort us should we be one of the unfortunate ones to develop a dreaded disease, also instills fear of developing the diseases. We are told we have genetic connections to some diseases and illnesses, and often we psychologically embrace this information where it becomes part of the unconscious and soon it develops.  

Sound too simple? In my 50 plus years on the planet I have come to understand we are the ones who make life complex and challenging; God did not have complexity in mind when He created man. The Bible tells us Yeshua (Jesus) healed all manner of illness. The infirm were made well when He “laid hands” on them. I have come to believe one of the the methods of healing was through “energy healing” as we know it today. Yeshua was Divine incarnate, taking the form of humanity to walk among His creation and teach. When those of us in the energy healing arts work with our clients we are conduits, or channels, for Divine energy. Yeshua was and is the Source of all healing energy; His healing’s were often immediate.

God, in the form of Yeshua, came to live among His creation for a time to teach by example and method to those who would receive. The Bible, however many times it has been massaged and modified by man, still contains the teachings of Yeshua for spirits, living in bodies, having a human experience, in other words, humanity.  Some of the Biblical stories as we know them have been embellished, but I believe the core message remains in tact. In Mark 5:34 Jesus is walking through a crowd of people and notes someones has touched His robe. He finds out a woman, sick for many years and at the point of hopelessness, had touched Him believing if she could, she would be healed. The woman was instantly healed. When she admitted she had been the one who touched Jesus’ robe, He said, “Daughter, your trust has healed you. Go in peace, and be healed of your disease.”

Notice, Jesus did not take credit for the healing, nor did He heal the woman, as organized religion often teaches.  Healing is always a joint effort originating with us; intention to receive healing, positive thought and word to create the reality of healing, and walking forward in health.The woman believed, in other words, her intention was set on healing rather than infirmity. She had decided she would no longer be ill; her thoughts and words would mirror her intention for health. The remainder of the statement Jesus made was to “go in peace”. Peace is a by-product of relationship and connection with God, or the Divine Source of love. (I am by no means suggesting this is an easy-peasy task, it isn’t, but there are people alive today, including myself, who have experienced physical healing when the medical world had exhausted all their options)

Reiki, as well as other energy or complementary healing modalities, are often criticized by church-going, Bible-believing folks and said to be “from the devil”, a form of witchcraft, or any number of derogatory statements. I have never personally known, nor heard of an energy or complementary medicine healer who believed a healing was of their own doing. All intentions boil down to heart motivations, and the transference of Divine energy through the energy healing modalities is no different. We are taught to welcome the presence of the Divine, of God, as we open a session with a client, ever mindful the Divine energy is the healer. By the same token I have been to “Healing Explosions” and “healing services” conducted by fundamentalist Bible believers who credit God with healing anyone who receives. How is that different?

The opening of minds will continue as many more accept there is a reality outside the box of accepted theory and practice. Churches, experiencing fewer congregants, will adjust their myopic thinking or be forced to close their doors. The lines between religion and the spiritual will blur as each side realizes there is no need for opposition, all healing comes from God. The lines will blur within healthcare, as well, between accepted practice and complementary modalities. Healing is more than a pill…..

A Tapestry of Divine Love…..

Lately, I have been interested in the study of angels, specifically  guardian Angels and Archangels. The accepted theory in spirituality circles is that we all have guardian angels, at least 2, and we have access to the Archangels of God. Certainly, organized religion recognizes the presence of angels, but not in the personal way seekers of spirituality do. The Bible says  “for he (God) will order his angels to care for you and guard you wherever you go.” (Psalm 91:11 The Complete Jewish Bible) Sounds like guardian Angels, to me. Churches I have attended taught angels and demons were part of the spiritual realm and continually at war over our souls. If we are to live by “the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” (I John 4 The Complete Jewish Bible) would there be reason for continual battle? Would we even need angelic help?

In January of 2017, a well known New Age teacher of Angel Therapy, Angel Readings, and the like, experienced an encounter with Jesus while attending a church service. Consequently, she has done a complete 180 in terms of philosophy and denounced most of what she taught over the years. Typical of mankind’s knee jerk reaction to anything new, controversy ensued. The New Age world was shaken. Once over the initial shock, many were angered, felt betrayed, and accusations flew. Two sides to every story exist, so I read the New Age interpretations of the conversion and I listened to the video said Angel Teacher released.

The New Age world was right in that she did make a dramatic swing and landed knee-deep in the Bible and church life. By the same token, from her video explanation my takeaway had more to do with her overall acknowledgment of Jesus as the incarnate Divine, not as one among many of the “ascended masters”. She had read the Bible cover to cover several times since her chance meeting with Jesus, and set aside many of the teachings she had formerly believed however, she made the distinction between what she now believed to be acceptable to God versus unacceptable based on method and heart motivation. After listening to her explanation I don’t believe she “threw the baby out with the bath water” as many adherents to New Age have said, rather she has chosen to give Jesus His rightful place as fully human, fully Divine Lord. To clarify, she is very much like every newly “saved” Christian I have ever met, drinking in and absorbing every word of the Bible and pretty much unable to speak or write a complete sentence without including a “praise Jesus”, or a scripture reference. I cannot fault her for that, many of us were like that in the beginning of our “walk with the Lord”. One day while I was listening to her radio call-in program a caller described her as a “bridge” between New Age and religion. Her mission, as she sees it now, is to bridge the gap between New Age philosophy and Christianity.

I have never believed anything in our lives is accidental or coincidental. There is purpose to everything under the sun. Up until I heard the radio broadcast I spent a fair amount of time contemplating my purpose, for lack of a better word, to explain why I felt driven to be the voice for those of us who have done the organized religion gig, do not fit in, yet have a desire to seek higher spiritual truth, to know and journey with the Divine. In that moment as I listened to the caller, everything came into focus. The sum total of all I have shared through writings and speaking with others is to bridge the gap for those leaving organized religion or seeking spirituality apart from religious Christianity. I never believed the two were mutually exclusive, yet nothing I ever read or heard up to that point confirmed the belief.

The world is a school as we live out our lives on earth. Do we all learn the same way? What makes sense to me may not resonate with you, and vice versa, but neither is fully right or fully wrong. Each of us is given a thread of knowledge as we seek and journey within the Divine. Some threads are heavier, some delicate, others brightly colored, and still others, muted shades to complement the colorful. From the threads of various sizes and colors a beautiful tapestry is woven. The tapestry is the Divine in the fullness of love. The path we pursue is what makes sense to us; if the path doesn’t enlighten or fulfill, we may not be on the best path for us. The only caution is, make certain the path is bathed in love; there is nothing negative on a path to the Divine.

In my mind, the once New Age teacher of Angel Therapy added to her understanding of the Divine; she was given another thread for the tapestry. Today, her perspective is unique, a blend of both sides of the fence; neither side is fully right or fully wrong. It is from our human, or ego-self we demand others to choose sides. Psychologically speaking, humans tend to make huge pendulum swings in times of change, eventually making our way back toward center. I expect the Angel Therapy teacher will do much the same. A grounded, or centered spiritual-seeker will allow others to walk their path without judgment. We all need to be in that place of non-judgment; both Christian and New Ager, praying church-goer and meditative spiritual seeker…..