About the Blog

People are leaving church. I heard that one day on the news. Apparently many churches are losing membership, their numbers are dwindling, and yet today, more than ever, people want a relationship with God. A relationship that is deep, meaningful, and different than the relationship most of us associate with “church”.

Many of us don’t “fit” into the traditional church, maybe we have been rejected by “church people;” some of us have tattoos; we feel more comfortable in a bar than in a church, ride a motorcycle, or just don’t do the “church speak”.  Maybe we have screwed up our lives and now think God won’t accept us.

“Unchurched” is for everyone who wants to have that deep, meaningful relationship with God. For people who are spiritual but not “religious”. There is a difference.

“Unchurched” is not about memorizing scriptures, peppering conversations with these same scriptures. It is about being real, living the intent of the Word of God.